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Experiences shape our lives and define our existence, but looking back through time via photo albums and diaries have become obsolete. It's time to safely and securely document and protect our most precious asset—our memories—in the digital age.

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Your memories are our priority

Have you ever opened a shoe box full of random photos, looked through a half-empty picture album, or scrolled through the photos on your phone and thought, ‘Where did all this time go?’ Maybe you wished you had taken more time to properly organize them, but the effort required would be exhausting.

Welcome to myTimeline, a service provided by Timeline, Inc. and a revolution in digital media.

The days of manually organizing our memories are over. It’s time for a safe and secure way to add and retrieve them, hidden from the public eye and never mined for business or corporate interests. That’s our pledge to you. The privacy of your memories are our priority.

Fun and easy to use

Add an unlimited number of memories to your interactive digital map, and then search for and view your memories by keyword or simply browse your entire collection!

Instead of scrolling up-and-down tirelessly to find your memories, myTimeline scrolls left-to- right and zooms in-or-out for maximum convenience and enjoyment. Visually appealing, the ad-free environment keeps away unwanted propaganda, so you only see what matters.

Connect with those you love

Sometimes when the best of life happens, someone else has the camera. Family and friends are an important part of our lives and social media is often where mutual memories are shared, but not everyone in your friends list cherish them like you do.

Connect with those closest to you in myTimeline to ensure that shared memories are exclusive and free of social stigma. Then, search for those memories on-demand by keyword, rather than waiting for yearly anniversaries to reminisce on them.

Life happens simultaneously

We all have a few people—spouses, children, parents—who walk with us in our journey of life. The memories we share with them define our self-identity, illustrate our personalities, and shape some of our most important experiences. Create a sub-timeline for those whose lives run parallel to our own and then merge them to become one.

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